Transparency in the Food Industry

We live in a constantly evolving world and today more than ever customers are combing through labels and scrutinizing the foods they are consuming.  Companies are now listening with ears wide open to what the concerns are.  In the food industry over the past few years there has been two driving forces behind changes in the industry, one is the consumers movement for “clean labels” and the other is the over 20 years in the making labeling reform.  Both changes underline the same key concept, transparency.  One of the important aspects of transparency is it simply builds trust and gives the food industry more motive than ever to meet consumer demand.

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Expanding the Requirements of Packaging Within the Food Supply Chain

In 2011, the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was enacted into law, much of which created statutes to improve not only the capacity to detect but also the capacity to prevent food safety hazards. As 2017 marks the first year of full compliance food manufactures to importers are all impacted by its’ goal of preventing the contamination of all food products. Several additions to the law will focus on food suppliers having both backward and forward traceability.

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